PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Mattel to have your game nights seeing double.

Look, we’re not saying you’re gonna get into some heated discussions when you play this game. But if you thought your regular board game nights were big ol’ fiestas before, then you best just prepare for some seriously loud Spanish when DOS enters the arena.

Oh, you thought its predecessor got you riled up and ready to shake up housemate bonding night? The thought of a last-minute Draw 4 card still gives you the cold sweats? Sure, UNO is a great party card game, but DOS? DOS is quite literally UNO times two.

Everything You Need To Know About UNO’s Big Bro, DOS

We’ve had ourselves a lil’ crack at the game here in the office, and be warned: the rules are different, before you go bragging around the house that you’re ready to dominate, study up.

It starts out pretty similar to a little game we like to call UNO, with each player getting doled out seven cards each, but instead of just one pile in the middle there’s – you guessed it – two. Or dos. Gotta stick in theme.

You can discard your cards on both of these dos piles – but naturally there’s more to it than that. We’re in matching mode here, so you can pop down just one card if it matches the number or colour – BUT – you can also pop down two cards in certain circumstances.

Say there’s a ten on one of the discard piles. You may not have a 10 (or a matching colour card) but what you CAN do is pop down any two cards that equal ten – for example, a six and a four. That’s two cards discarded in one move, folks!

Everything You Need To Know About UNO’s Big Bro, DOS

There are also new special cards, so you won’t be copping those nasty Draw 4 cards which eviscerated friendships. You’ve got a number wild card (does what it says on the tin, really – you can make it any number you want) and a DOS wild card (which you can make any number AND colour).

There are a few other cheeky bonuses that you can earn yourself as you play, but they’re best discovered mid-game when you can spring them on your unsuspecting mates.

But please, for the love of all that is important in this ridiculous world, DO NOT FORGET TO YELL DOS WHEN YOU HAVE TWO CARDS LEFT.

You win each round by getting rid of all your cards (and mocking the remaining players), but to win the entire game? That’s gonna take a bit more. Any time a player wins, the sum total of the rest of their remaining cards gets added to your tally.

The first player whose tally reaches 200 is the overall winner and thus has extreme bragging rights for the foreseeable future.

Really it’s just another opportunity to lord over everyone that you are the absolutely undefeated reigning monarch of game night. Go ahead and fashion a crown from the cards of the losing participants, because you are the alpha.

And I’m not just saying that coz I won. Not at all. Not one little bit. Ahem.

Everything You Need To Know About UNO’s Big Bro, DOS

If you wanna get your hot little wild-card-dropping hands on a deck of DOS, you’re gonna want to head here.

Because game night honour is at stake, folks.

Image: Facebook / UNO