TV Reporter Gives Precisely Zero Fucks About Tooth Falling Out During A Live Segment

A TV news anchor has endured quite the on-air fiasco after a tooth of hers decided to yeet itself out of her mouth during a segment.

Marichka Padalko was discussing COVID-19-related matters on Ukrainian channel 1+1 when the pesky front tooth became dislodged. Footage shows Padalko reporting very serious matters, before pausing, covering her mouth and placing the tooth in her hand. She then continued to report very serious matters as if her front tooth hadn’t literally just fallen from her face. An admirable feat.

Blogger Ekulka shared the incident to her 155k Instagram followers, commending Padalko for keeping her cool. “I would cry,” she added.

The toothless queen then reshared the footage to her own Instagram, discussing the dental debacle.

“Yes, I really lost a part of my front tooth today during the live broadcast,” she captioned the snippet. “This is probably the strangest thing to have happened in my twenty years as a presenter.”

“Live broadcasting is wonderful because it is always unpredictable.”

The news anchor went on to explain that she’d damaged that tooth over 10 years ago.

Check out the wondrous footage below, and may we applaud Padalko for keeping things professional as fuck. Kudos, queen.

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