Turns Out Perfect Specimens Alison Brie & Dave Franco Are Bloody Married

It’s official: Dave Franco may well be the luckiest bloke on earth. It’s been confirmed that the actor – younger bro of the significantly more idiosyncratic James Franco – has married Alison Brie. She’s the actress who plays Annie on Communityand lends her voice to Diane on Bojack Horseman(aka, she is responsible for some of the most nuanced and hilarious female television characters). 

The dapper pair have been together for five years and engaged since 2015. They managed to pull off a secret wedding, which is a huge feat for a celebrity couple – the news only got out when a representative of Brie’s confirmed it today. No other details have been provided, and I’m totally into the elusive nature of it all. A la Margot Robbie and her beau getting hitched on the down low late last year, these aren’t just famous people, folks – they are decent, chill humans who have the capacity to be my best friends. 
Franco and Brie’s mutual ~down to earth~ vibe has been apparent whenever they’ve chosen to talk about their relationship, which is rare. When E! asked Franco when the wedding would be, he noted that “we’re very lax about the whole planning… We will probably still elope”. And that they most likely did. 
Hopefully they didn’t take brother James’ advice, though, because if they did, their wedding probably consisted of a very meta screening of The Roomand James officiating the ceremony dressed up as Tommy Wiseau.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt these two are nothing but legends. A huge congrats to the irritatingly attractive couple. 
Source: E! Online
Photo: Getty / C Flanagan.