We Love True Crime Podcasts So Much, We Went And Made Our Own



We have an exciting announcement for you. Which you maybe have already worked out given it’s in our goddamn headline.

Yes, we went and made a true crime podcast.

Okay, so technically it’s a MYSTERY podcast – we’re not limiting ourselves to true crime, and when we do touch on crimey stuff it’s only when the case remains unsolved.

Basically, we’re going deep on the Australian mysteries – and folks, there’s a lot of them.

Welcome to All Aussie Mystery Hour, which will almost never be an hour. EVEN THE HEADLINE IS A MYSTERY. It’s basically myself (Melissa Mason, Senior Style & Features Editor here at P.TV) and my boss Josie Rozenberg-Clarke (Head Of Editorial) rambling on about one mystery a week. We take turns researching and presenting to each other, then go deep on theories about what ~the truth~ is.

We’re galloping straight outta the gate with what’s arguably the most notorious unsolved Aussie crime case EVER – The Beaumont Kids.

Credit: Wikipedia.

For the unfamiliar, the three siblings disappeared in the ’60s from Glenelg Beach in South Australia. Their bodies were never found, and even after an extensive police investigation, no one has ever been charged. To this day, there’s a $1 million reward for information related to the cold case.

Credit: Wikipedia

It’s a grim case with some hectic suspects, so come right this way and listen to Josie spin the yarn – then hit us up with your own theories as to what went down on that fateful day.

Check it out on iTunes now or fang us a listen below.