Troye Sivan’s ‘Rawdog Bottom Bitch’ Line On Drag Race Made The Episode & My Entire Damn Week

Troye Sivan made Drag Race history this weekend, by uttering the filthiest, most explicit sentence to ever grace the werk room. Stan’s Down Under season has been something to behold (explicit-content wise) already, but our boy Troye really stepped it up a notch. I don’t know exactly who I have to thank, but from the bottom of my heart – thank you.

ICYMI, Troye and producer Leland were the guest stars on the latest ep, imparting their wisdom on song-writing to the eight remaining queens.

“We’ve written songs about everything,” Troye said, “from our youth, to flowers, to getting fucked hard in the asshole.”

drag race down under
It takes a lot to shock a queen.

Troye was, of course, referring to his song Bloom, which is about bottoming for the very first time. But he wasn’t finished (pun intended).

“Like a pig bottom, rawdog bottom bitch,” he continued, completely deadpan.

I just – TROYE! Who raised you and how do I send them flowers.

I’m very, very grateful to whoever at Drag Race and/or Stan made the decision not to leave that on the cutting room floor.

“The real twist for me this season is [that] Troye Sivan said something far, far dirtier than me and I was clutching my pearls and I’m here for it,” judge Rhys Nicolson said.

I cannot. I am – how you say – gagged. And we still have another five eps to go.

The first three eps of Stan Original’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under are on the platform now, with new eps airing every Saturday arvo.