Trailer: Local Documentary ‘The Other Fellow’ Explores James Bond Identity Crisis

Sharing the steely blue gaze and rock hard everything of the current James Bond iteration is bad enough, but imagine the kind of bizarre scenarios you would encounter should you happen to share a name with Ian Fleming’s iconic international man of mystery. Sydney-based production company Mindboggler – who you may remember for their earth-shattering contribution to viral videos from earlier this year – have done just that, and what they’ve found forms the basis of a new feature length documentary about ten men who share one of the world’s most readily identifiable (and bankable) names.
Filmed around the world during the peak and aftermath of Skyfall’s release, The Other Fellow explores the lives of a select few yet incredibly diverse James Bonds whose lives have been changed for better and worse – in some absurd ways; think being banned from Facebook to being shot by police in the Caribbean – simply on account of their name. 
The film takes its own name from George Lazenby‘s first line in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – “this never happened to the other fellow!” – in one of the franchise’s many knowing winks to his predecessor, Sean Connery, and echoes that age old question some guy named Will always used to ask, ‘What’s in a name?
You can find out more about the film and actually interact with its namesake subjects at the film’s Facebook page.