A Love Letter To Totally Wild, Which Has Sadly Been Axed After 29 Years Of Wildlife Adventures

Over the past 24 hours, Network Ten has announced the cancellation of several of their shows.

Speaking to TV Tonight, Head of Programming Daniel Monaghan confirmed that a bunch of shows are being canned, including WAG drama Playing For Keeps, the vile Trial By Kyle, Grant Denyer’s Celebrity Name Game and One Born Every Minute.

And look, while it’s disappointing to see two out of the four shows be axed (can you guess which two I’m referring to?), I’m nowhere near as devastated about them as I am about the next two shows that got the boot.

A spokesperson for Ten told TV Blackbox that their long-running kids shows Totally Wild and Scope were being taken off the air.

Peep the statement below:

“Network 10 today informed staff that Totally Wild and Scope will no longer be produced, which will result in a reduction of roles.

“Network 10 remains committed to creating and producing local children’s content, but its strategy has evolved to include the development and production of more children’s drama programs.

“The Network 10 children’s department will remain an integral part of the business and will remain based in Brisbane.

“As a result of these shows no longer being produced, some on-air presenters and production staff will leave Network 10. The network would like to thank those people for their dedication and hard work.

“No further details are available at this stage.”

While the aforementioned four shows are new shows that were being trialled by Ten, Totally Wild and Scope literally raised generations of kids, teaching them about animals and science and other important but super fucking fun stuff.

They featured passionate presenters who really knew their shit and got folks like me interested in something other than cartoons.

Peep the opening titles of Totally Wild for a huge dose of nostalgia:


I’m assuming that the internet and social media played a hand in this decision as I’m sure kids today would rather be filming dumbass TikTok videos than learning about science and wildlife which really fucking sucks.

All I can say is, thanks for the good times, thanks for the education, and thanks for filling millennials’ childhood with clips of cute critters and lessons on how to make homemade volcanoes.

Goodbye, friends.