Feast Your Fabulous Eyes On The Top-Earning LGBTQ+ Stars From K-Stew To Mama Ru

In Australia, LGBTQ+ history month is October. Over in the States, it’s February (a.k.a. starting now). But if you’re expecting my gay ass to wait ’til October to celebrate queer icons, then you’ve got another thing coming, ‘cos I’ll be celebrating all year ’round.

We’ve just copped a list of the highest earning LGBTQ+ celebs and you’ll be happy to know that our favourite gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans stars are absolutely raking it in like they rake in fabulousness.

Topping the list is the iconique actress who has starred in a variety of hit flicks and was recently crowned as the newest onscreen Princess Diana, one Miss Kristen Stewart

From Twilight to the Charlie’s Angels reboot to one of the greatest Christmas flicks I’ve ever watched, Happiest Season, Kristen absolutely earns every goddamn penny she makes (she has a USD$70M net worth, to be exact).

Next up is the queen of drag, RuPaul, with a $60M net worth (catch allllll of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Stan), followed by X-Files legend Gillian Anderson with $40M.

Peep the full list below via OnBuy:

You’ll notice that 3 out of the top 5 earners are bisexual women, making them the top earners in 2020 with a combined net worth of 152 million dollars. This is compared to gay men whose combined net worth comes to 111 million dollars.

OnBy also confirmed that the most inclusive show on Netflix is Pose, with 140 trans actors and crew members and 35 non-trans LGBTQ+ characters, the highest number of queer folk in any TV series.

The second most inclusive is Orange is the New Black, featuring 17 LGBTQIA+ actors and crew members, followed by Ratched.

Those numbers are fucking fabulous but we obviously have a huge way to go with inclusivity on-screen and equality in terms of salaries. But it’s good to know we’re on the right track.