Tomorrow When The War Began, Animal Kingdom Sweep IF Awards

David Michod crime drama Animal Kingdom and the adaptation of John Marsden’s YA fiction bestseller Tomorrow When The War Began bagged major honours at Sunday night’s 12th annual Inside Film Awards. Despite seven nominations and high praise for Michod’s feature film debut, an unnerving depiction of familial ties and the unseemly Melbourne underworld, the latter took top honours, winning the coveted “Best Film” gong as well as “Best Script” for Stuart Beattie, “Best Music” and “Best Actress” for Neighbours alumni Caitlin Stasey. Animal Kingdom only managed two wins, a deserved “Best Director” gong for Michod and “Best Actor” for Ben Mendelsohn. Other winners included 2010 SOYA winner Ariel Kleiman who made it two awards in one week with an “IF Award for Rising Talent” and veteran actor Bryan Brown who received the stately designation “IF Award Living Legend”. Full list of winners below…

The SHOWTIME MOVIE CHANNELS IF Award for Best Feature Film
Tomorrow When The War Began – Stuart Beattie (Director), Andrew Mason and Michael Boughen (Producers)

The AFTRS IF Award for Best Director
David Michod – Animal Kingdom

The Events New South Wales IF Award for Best Actor
Ben Mendelsohn – Animal Kingdom

The IF Award for Best Actress
Caitlin Stasey – Tomorrow When The War Began

The Jameson IF Award for Best Script
Tomorrow When The War Began – Stuart Beattie

The Dinosaur Design IF Award for Best Music
Tomorrow When The War Began – Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil

The SA Film IF Award for Best Sound
Beneath Hill 60 – Robert Sullivan, Liam Egan, Mark Cornish, Tony Murtagh

The AVID IF Award for Best Editing
The Waiting City – Veronika Jenet

The Dyson IF Award for Best Production Design
Bright Star – Janet Patterson

The CineAlta by SONY IF Award for Best Cinematography
The Waiting City – Denson Baker

The NSFA Independent Spirit IF Award
Caught Inside – Adam Blaiklock (Director), Paul S Friedmann (Producer)

The EFilm IF Award for Rising Talent
Ariel Kleiman

The Holding Redlich IF Award for Best Short Film
Celestial Avenue – Colin and Cameron Cairnes (Directors), Scott Alexander (Producer)

The Autodesk IF Award for Best Short Animation
The Lost Thing – Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann (Directors), Sophie Byrne (Producer)

The FACB IF Award for Best Short Documentary
From Dope to Dalai Lama – Jason Raftopoulos (Director and Producer)

The SBS IF Award for Best Documentary
Strange Birds in Paradise – Charlie Hill-Smith (Director), Jamie Nicolai and John Cherry (Producers)

The SAE IF Award for Best Music Video
Big Jet Plane – Angus and Julia Stone – Kiku Ohe (Director), Richard Halsted (Producer)

The Resolution IF Award for Box Office Achievement
Mao’s Last Dancer
Producer Jane Scott
Director Bruce Beresford
Writer Jan Sardi

The Kodak Living Legend IF Award
Bryan Brown

The Four Cows & Otto Empire IF Award for Best Film Festival
Mardi Gras Film Festival, My Queer Career

The Media Super Out of the Box IF Award
Ryan Corr

The Docklands Studios Melbourne IF Award for Contribution to TV
Penny Chapman