The Voice Of Tommy Pickles Is A Fucking TikTok Queen & I Can’t Help But Stan

tommy pickles tiktok

I have just discovered that the woman who voiced Tommy Pickles on Rugrats is a TikTok star and it has blown my fucking mind.

When it comes to children’s television, nothing quite tickles my nostalgia gland quite like Rugrats. I personally watched the beloved 2003 animated crossover film Rugrats Go Wild recently and I can confirm, it still fucking slaps.

So naturally, when I found out that the voice of Tommy Pickles, E.G Daily, has made a name for herself on TikTok, I simply had to investigate.

Mother of two Elizabeth Ann Guttman (known online as EG Daily or Elizabeth Daily) has amassed a whopping 219,000 followers on the viral app, largely for her voice impression videos of her beloved characters like Tommy Pickles and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls.

@realegdailyTHE REAL TOMMY PICKLES (our mom!) we’re all just a bunch of babies!!! @bbgrltyson @thehunterdaily3 ##tommypickles ##fyp ##nickalodeon ##rugrats♬ original sound – realegdaily

The 58-year-old from LA has an impressive acting resume, including voice acting gigs on Rugrats, The Powerpuf Girls and Babe: Pig In The City among other things. But by the looks of it, she’s got a flourishing career as a TikTok influencer in her future. 
Buttercup is a real person, and she’s a TikTok kweeeeeeen. My heart cannot handle this information. 
@realegdailyWho’s a crybaby?! The REAL voice of ##BUTTERCUP wants to know ?? ##tommypickles ##thepowerpuffsgirls @nickalodien♬ original sound – realegdaily

When she’s not showing off her incredible voice acting talents, she doubles as a beauty influencer, sharing her makeup tutorial videos on the platform too.

@realegdailyOk so THHHISSSS is what happens when my kids R in France I do my own version of a make up tutorial!

♬ Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore

EG Daily is the only influencer I care about in 2020. All hail our new TikTok queen.