Today Extra Interviewed A Dungeons & Dragons Nerd And Called Him A Bonafide Dungeon Daddy

Today Extra really woke up and chose violence when they interviewed the comedian behind Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Dragon Friends and called him a Dungeon Daddy.

Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russel stitched up guest Dave Harmon multiple times throughout the interview. Before introducing Harmon, the hosts discuss the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie which features certified hotties: Hugh Grant, Chris Pine and Regé-Jean Page.

Russel swooned over Regé-Jean Page and said “I will watch it just for Regé.” She then awkwardly introduced Dave, who joked that it was unfair to show Page and then introduce him.

“That was unfair to show him and then cut to me like that. It was such a bait and switch,” the Dungeon Daddy said.

The three of them discussed the actual game-play of D&D and the importance of a Dungeon Master (DM). The DM is the game organiser and is in charge of all the details and challenges in the game. They don’t play a character themselves but facilitate the story.

“The Dungeon Master will tell you ‘if you want to jump over the dragon, shoot the mayor, impress the bar maid, roll a 20 sided dice and if you roll higher than this number you do it. But if you don’t you fail,’” Harmon said.

So the Dungeon Master is essentially the big dog of the game, the numero uno, or in Harmon’s case the “Dungeon Daddy”.

But the title was clearly an inside joke with The Dragon Friends podcast that he didn’t want shared on national television.

“Oh no…that’s an insider podcast joke, that just sounds like a sex thing to everyone else,” Harmon said when Campbell and Russel referred to him as the naughty name.

Then Today Extra went one step further and even changed his name to Dungeon Daddy on screen. It’s undeniably a good gag, but I kind of hate that the term has been hijacked by morning TV.

I can only blame myself really, it was but a mere week ago that I called beloved Morning Show host Larry Emdur a “certified daddy” and even his own daughter was horrified. Other talk shows must’ve caught on, and now daddy is officially boomer talk. Ew.

If you need me, I’ll be thinking of a new word to use. What about papi guts, or old spice? I don’t know, I’ll keep thinking.