Tina Fey And Amy Schumer Made Out At The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards, recognising excellence in television, radio online media, were held in Manhattan today, and your dream bestie Tina Fey showed up to present a trophy to your other dream bestie Amy Schumer, in honour of all the various levels of arse she’s kicking right now.
In her remarks, Fey praised the edginess of Schumer’s comedy, saying “many people will tell you that you can never ever joke about rape but it is all about context and point of view, and Amy and the Inside Amy Schumer show’s brilliant sketch about sexual abuse in the military as filtered through violent, combat videogames was inarguably funny and so, so rapey.”
“Amy Schumer is killing it, as the agents like to say. Usually they are lying. But in this case it is true. Amy is killing it. She is the biggest deal in comedy right now. I really wanted to come down here tonight, and in a Madonna kind of way try to like feed off of her youth and maybe suck her soul out in a very awkward, staged lesbian kiss …” Fey continued. 
“But when I pitched that idea to Amy’s camp, they came back with such an immediate yes that it kind of grossed me out.” At that point, Schumer came up to accept her award, and the two locked lips anyway, then slapped each-other a high five, because everything about this is perfect.
ICYMI, Fey appeared on this season of Inside Amy Schumer in the brilliant ‘Last Fuckable Day’ sketch:

via The Hollywood Reporter
Photo: Ilya S Savenok via Getty Images