Timothée Chalamet And Lily-Rose Depp Have Split, So I Guess It’s Time To Shoot Your Shot

Timothee Chalamet

Sweet boy Timothée Chalamet, light of your life, fire of your loins, is now single, so if you were keen to shoot your shot, I guess now would be the time.

Chalamet starred in the Netflix movie The King alongside Lily-Rose Depp, and the couple had been dating for around a year before calling it quits.

There has been no official announcement, but Timothée Chalamet was profiled for the May 2020 issue of British Vogue, and the publication notes that he is single.

We were certainly not aware of this information before now. Hopefully Lily-Rose Depp herself was, because otherwise, yikes, what a way to find out.

The pair kept their relationship fairly quiet, but would occasionally be seen out on “low key” date nights in New York and Paris, when that was still a thing.

According to news and current affairs publication US Magazine, they were last seen locking lips on a boat in Italy in September of 2019, so presumably they split some time after that.

At some point when we’re allowed to go to the movies again, Timothée Chalamet will be seen in Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune, alongside Oscar Isaac, ZendayaRebecca Ferguson and Jason Momoa.