There’s Weird TikTok Beef About Whether Ancient Rome Existed And Russell Crowe Is Quaking

A TikTok creator is getting absolutely roasted by the history TikTok girlies because of their claim that ancient Rome didn’t exist.

User @momllenial_, whose page is largely dedicated to history and art history, spends much of their content ‘debunking’ established historic truths. There are a series of videos on their page dedicated to the topic, which include claims that the ancient city of Pompeii (the one from the Bastille song) was actually Greek and that Hadrian’s Wall, an ancient Roman fortification the UK, isn’t Roman at all.

Obvi, this has received a ton of backlash from the history fandom because a) it is really wild to claim ancient Rome…didn’t exist and b) misinformation is bad, actually! Now, the history/classics/archaeologist community on TikTok are embracing their inner Russel Crowe in Gladiator and have dedicated themselves to fighting for the Ancient Roman cause.

Honestly, it’s probably the best TikTok trend since the immortal snail, because who doesn’t love niche internet beef.


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The situation seems to be part of the rising trend of TikTok becoming a hub for spreading and sharing educational resources (yay!). However, one of the side effects of that is how it gives people a platform to spout some absolutely wild shit (boo!).

The user’s most recent video lays out their position slightly more clearly though, tbh, I’m still not convinced.

Essentially, they describe their claim that Rome didn’t exist as a ‘metaphor’ and say “Rome was an empire like Disney or the circus: culturally, economically.”

If any history buffs can explain this, please slide into my DMs.

The situation is maybe evidence that niche debates and theories are better kept to JSTOR than on social media, unless you’re looking to bring the ire of AcademiaTok upon you – a frankly terrifying proposition.

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m writing this in 2021 but yes, it turns out Ancient Rome did exist.

Don’t believe everything you watch on TikTok, especially if it’s someone trying to debunk an entire civilisation.