Friends, what if I told you that there was a brand new meme sweeping the internet about an immortal snail, where every video was set to the track ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’? Well, you’d probably think I’m crazy, but it’s actually the latest trend on TikTok.

Now, before I get into the explainer on what the funk ‘the snail’ is and all that he stands for, let me just say that I am on a completely normal TikTok. I have not entered the dark side to receive secret information about an immortal shell-slug.

I just casually scroll through my vids like a normal person, like always, but recently I’ve noticed a frequency of references to some mythical snail who is coming to kill me.

Here’s an example of the kinda shit that’s slime-shuffling into everyone’s TikTok pages. In fact, this is the first snail meme I ever received.


he is inevitable #johnwick #thesnail

♬ Eleanor Rigby – Cody Fry

Weird, right? Why is everyone, companies included, making memes about this deadly snail coming to kill us?

Does Lionsgate know something we don’t?

Hell, here’s another meme about watching the sun explode with the immortal snail. For some reason, all of these memes make reference to us having eternal life as well. Suddenly, I’m interested.


Could’ve done more, but oh well. My take on the snail trend. #thesnail #snail #meme #art #animation #fypシ #drawing

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman

Well, turns out that the immortal snail is actually a reference to a 2014 meme.

Why is it now a trending thing in 2021? No fkn clue, there’s genuinely no real answer apart from one person referencing it and then the domino effect taking action. And now, here we are, and #ImmortalSnail has already amassed over 147M views.

The meme comes from a hypothetical scenario posited by YouTube’s Rooster Teeth, where they ask, “Would you take $10 million, but for the rest of your life, there’s a snail that’s trying to get you and you can’t be touched by the snail or you’ll die?”

Oh yeah, and you can’t die either, so all your life you’ll be hunted by a deadly snail who is always after you, but it moves at the glacial pace that a snail notoriously does. Wild stuff.

Here’s a quick explainer if you’re still bamboozled.


What would y’all do to eacape the snail #immortalsnail #foryou #snail #thesnail

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman

Heaps of memes have emerged under the #ImmortalSnail hashtag, some from the perspective of the snail, and some from people floating through the galaxy at the end of the world with the snail by their side.

Here’s a couple of good ones:


greeting an old friend #thesnail #snail #iykyk (ignore the last edit I tried)

♬ Eleanor Rigby – Cody Fry


forever old friend #immortalsnail #fyp

♬ original sound – Sam


It’s inevitable we will meet my friend #immortalsnail #joinus #fyp

♬ original sound – Jacob Baughman


oh how the tables have turned #thesnail #snail #immortalsnail

♬ the snail is coming – emma :0

Be wary out there folks, the immortal snail is coming for all of us. Let your guard down for even a second, and you’re gone.