‘Thor’ Writers Could Make ‘Top Gun 2’ Kinda Okay

I haven’t seen the Footloose reboot but I admit I’m apprehensive. Likewise, a lot of folks are (understandably) wary about the imminent Point Break remake due in 2012. The fact is, any time filmmakers create remakes or superfluous sequels to movies that are as deeply etched into the popcultural psyche as those ones, they’re automatically stepping into a gladiatorial arena of fan-abuse and scathing critics.

And, thus, the recent confirmation of a Top Gun sequel (to be again produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) seemed like either (a) a weird joke or (b) Jerry B angling his balls at a vice… But cool your jets because the latest Top Gun 2 update suggests that the movie might not be completely shite!

The screenwriting pair behind the very entertaining blockbusters X-Men: First Class and Thor, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, are being courted by the studio to take on the script. Having reliable and funny action-movie writers on board is definitely promising. At this stage there’s still no word as to whether Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, but we do know there’s no chance Anthony Edwards will be back.

R.I.P Goose…

Via Spinoff