‘The Sinner’ S2 Has A New Trailer Teasing Yet Another Deeply Cooked Mystery

The Sinner Season 2 Release Date August 1 Teaser Trailer Jessica Biel

The Sinner was pretty much 2017’s breakout telly hit — no offence to Jessica Biel, but her role as Mary Camden in 7th Heaven did not prepare me for how good she was in The Sinner, the crime series that she also produced.

That being said, the twisted tale of Biel’s character Cora Tannetti was very neatly wrapped up in the 8 episodes of Season 1. There was no cliffhanger, no real opportunity for a spin-off, so when Season 2 was announced fans were simultaneously amped and confused.

We soon found out that the only character from the first season would be Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) the troubled detective (detectives in these shows are never happy, well-adjusted people) who untangled Cora’s complicated case in the OG series. Season 2 will see him head to his small hometown in New York State to take on the case of an 11-year-old kid who offs his mum and dad.


We also know that Fargo actress Carrie Coon will star in the series as a commune leader who wants to create a utopia in the community — but most folks just reckon it’s a cult.

Not much more has been revealed about Season 2, but today Biel (who is still credited as executive producer on the series) took to Twitter to reveal an August 1 premiere date for the show. That’s two months TODAY, people.

Elsewhere on the internet, a teaser trailer was released and to be honest you don’t learn much from it but it is freaky. Just a series of disjointed an unnerving shots featuring a woman crawling and pleading for help, a blank-faced but clearly evil child, a deserted road, the hooded killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer (I think, but I could be wrong here?), Harry drinking in a bar, all overlaid with a woman’s voice singing in a creepy AF fashion and some heavy footsteps.

Check it out below: