‘The Sinner’ Finds New Lead In Carrie Coon For An Undoubtedly Disturbing S2

First, if you didn’t binge watch Netflix‘s ‘The Sinner’ over your summer break, shame on you.

Second, please clear all of your weekend plans, whip out your rattiest leggings and UberEats yourself 8-hours of sustenance, because you’re gonna wanna be all caught up before we hit you with more details of the much-hyped second season.

The lead role in the anthropological thriller’s second incarnation has just been announced as actress Carrie Coon.

Coon is a 37-year-old ‘Murican best known for her work in HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ and season three of FX’s ‘Fargo’, and she’s returning to tele screens for the second series of The Sinner as “a formidable, mysterious woman”.

Jessica Biel, who floored audiences as Cora Tannetti in the first series, will be moving off screen but will continue to executive produce the series and Bill Pullman will return as Detective Harry Ambrose.

This time, Detective Ambrose will be hoofing it back to his small New York hometown to investigate the death of two parents at the hands of their 11-year-old son.

Coon will enter the picture as Vera, a commune leader who is committed to creating utopia in her community that everyone else obviously sees as a creepy cult.


The official release date hasn’t yet been announced, but Biel teased a “summer” release on her Insta, meaning it’ll make some seriously perfect winter-night-in viewing for us ‘Strayans: