Wait, Is ‘The Simple Life’ Rebooting W/ Paris Hilton & Lindsay “Fire Crotch” Lohan?

Fuck The Hills: New Beginnings (actually don’t, I appreciate any/all reboots from the 00s) – the real MVP of reality TV looks set to make a comeback. Yep, The Simple Life is hinting a return – and it looks like the stars will be ancient feuders Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton.

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Basically, there’s a Twitter account that WAS verified (although within the bloody HOUR has become un-verified, with no explanation) that posted this:


Everyone went mental, of course. The account only followed Paris, Lindsay and Netflix. Even MORE telling. The follow up posts were equally exciting:



In case you’ve forgotten history, Lindsay and Paris were BFFLs until video emerged of Paris’ mate, the greasy Brandon Davis, yelling to paps and calling Lindsay “fire crotch”. Totally fucked up? Absolutely yes. Iconic? Also yes.

BUT, sadly, it’s looking less and less likely that the rumours are legit. E! News is now reporting that their sources say there’s no reboot in the works, and Lindsay Lohan’s reps have shut down her involvement. HOWEVER – it is fucking hard as shit to get randomly verified on Twitter. Even real “notable” people and brands struggle these days, after Twitter cracked down on verified accounts that were, frankly, bullshit.

So for a random The Simple Life account to just magically gain verification without some big-wigs getting involved, like, say, Netflix or Paris herself? I am skeptical. Maybe I just hold out some ludicrous hope that my favourite reality show will get re-made in 2019, maybe I’m a genius. Time will tell.

I’ll say this – I will miss Nicole Richie, if this is all legit. Fun as it would be to watch Lindsay and Paris play nice for the cameras while secretly loathing each other, Nicole was reality TV gold back in the day.