ATTENTION, TRIBUTES: Y’all can quit it with the homemade pyrotechnic outfits, ’cause The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is bringing the Girl on Fire dress to Sydney – along with over a thousand of the other costumes, props, and on-set goodies that make up your #1 fav cinematic dystopia.

By all accounts, you’ll be able to gawk at Katniss’s bow, her Mockingjay get-up, and the Gamemaker’s nifty-as-hell control panel when the balls-to-the-wall expo lands in December. 

If the set-up is anything like the exhibition’s NYC and San Francisco outings, you can also expect seven distinct galleries focusing on the likes of District 13, The Capitol, and that swish train Woody Harrelson seemed to love so much.

Here’s a gander at what you can expect, tho:

A photo posted by @sinletrasninumeros on

A photo posted by @sinletrasninumeros on

A photo posted by @sinletrasninumeros on

Fuck yeah, Elizabeth Banks.
The jury’s out on whether it’ll also deliver Australian artifact Liam Hemsworth in the flesh, but you’d think he’d pop up at some point. Right? Right?

In any case, the thing opens at the International Convention Centre from December 20 and will run until early Feb. If you’re so inclined – and let’s be honest, if you’ve made it this far, you probably are – you can pick up them sweet tickets from next Tuesday via Ticketek.

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Photo: @winomusicnerd / Instagram.