Popcorn On The Masked Singer Finally Had Their Identity Unveiled & We All Fkn Knew It

In devastating news for healthy snack aficionados across the nation, Popcorn on The Masked Singer Australia has sadly been unveiled, nay, popped. But at long last we finally know who was singing behind those big, buttered-up pupils and it turns out, we called it: Popcorn was in fact Sam Sparro!

Popcorn delivered a tear jerking rendition of Judy Garland‘s ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, a performance that had Chrissie Swan in bits because it’s her favourite song. There wasn’t a dry eye in the studio, if the studio were my bedroom.

The guesses for this one were surprisingly normal, unlike all the other guesses on The Masked Singer which, to date, have been deliciously random. But Mel B was on the money, correctly guessed Popcorn was Sam Sparro. And by Jove, was she listing reasons like the rent was due.

The rest of the panel all guessed male, American chanteurs: Hughesy guessed Bruno Mars, Abbie Chatfield guessed Ne-Yo and Chrissie Swan was convinced it was will.i.am.

The chaos when Popcorn lifted off his ginormous corny hat and the judges realised Mel B was right will live in my mind rent free. The sheer jubilation! The drama! J’adore.

Tag yourself, I’m Hughsey. Photo credit: Network 10 / The Masked Singer Australia

If you were too busy making yourself some popcorn and missed the singing snack’s clues, here’s a handy refresher:

Clue One: Life can take a Popcorn through some weird twists and turns.

Clue Two: As we say in our family, the popcorn doesn’t fall far from the kernel, but science is some kind of voodoo.

Clue Three: I give my words to famous people, and after they leave me they’re changed for the better!

Clue Four: This paradise is my happy place, I always return here and I love to dance.

Clue Five: Dancing has taken me all around the world.

Clue Six: I’m Popcorn and I’m hot enough to pop!

If you want to catch up with The Masked Singer, you can check it out on 10Play.