The Last Of Us Episode 8 Had 8.1 Million Viewers Last Night & My Daddy Issues Can Tell You Why

the last of us episode 8

The Last of Us Episode 8 entered our hearts and minds last night and left us all questioning everything from the meaning of life to whether or not we do have daddy issues.

Despite taking out our hearts, nibbling on them and then throwing them against the wall in Episode 3, The Last of Us has continued on, becoming more and more incredible (and emotional) as the episodes roll in. I didn’t think it was possible, but somehow I’m left in tears every week, shaken to my core.

With the most recent episode, the show hit 8.1 million viewers, which is 74 per cent more than the 4.7 million who watched the first ep. It’s not surprising either TBH, next to Episode 3 I would say that Episode 8 is one of the best the show has ever made.

The performances? The script? The set design? Chef’s kisses all around. The chef’s lips are TIRED.

Fans also pointed out how accurate the show’s portrayal of one of the most frightening parts of the game was. It was so good, in fact, that I believe it was more impactful than the scenes when we first played through them.

And the other thing that had fans crying for their fathers was the scene in which Joel calls Ellie “baby girl” after she escapes from the clutches of a literal paedophile cannibal.

I’m traumatised, you’re traumatised, let’s cry together.

The emotion on Bella Ramsey‘s face? The hug they share together? I’m weeping.

I know this happened in the game almost frame for frame, but it’s hard to animate human emotion like THIS.

Instead of crying over the scene again, let’s have a gander at some fan reaction memes posted to Twitter, shall we?

This cat was me and the boyfriend once the credits started rolling. I am NOT ready for the season finale next week.

This TikTok said it best, this episode really highlighted how evil and cult-like religious organisations can be. They’re often selfish and driven by their own needs instead of the needs of others, especially when they’re Christian in nature (sorry, not sorry).

If you need me I’m going to be stocking up on tissues before the next episode comes my way. The fact that it airs the same day as the Oscars may ruin me (if Michelle Yeoh doesn’t win best actress I’m sobbing again).