The Hemsworth Brothers Star In Hilarious “Bitman Begins” Trailer

On the Jimmy Kimmel Live: After The Oscars Special which immediately followed tonight’s Academy Awards telecast on ABC, the late night host endeavoured to make his own cinematic masterpiece, enlisting “some of the greatest talents in the world of film” to “transform popular YouTube videos into big budget Hollywood movies,” which, in light of the handsome financial performance of this year’s Lego movie and the newly approved Minecraft project, isn’t really that crazy of a prospect. 

Coming soon…Bedroom Intruder: The Musical?
In the trailer for Bitman Begins, the unknowable accents of Australian actor siblings Chris and Liam Hemsworth star in a Batman-esque action thriller about a pair of brothers whose toxic relationship with each other is defined by a singular act of maliciousness so watchable, adorable and unexpected that it has been viewed more than 600 million times on Youtube. 
See if you can guess the source material.  
Also, Meryl Streep stars as their mum. She’ll probably be nominated for Best Supporting Actress next year.