The Entourage Movie Is Finally Confirmed

Doug Ellin, creator of the closest thing to a Sex and the City for men, Entourage, has kind-of announced that after months of contract discussions (ie. Jeremy Piven holding out for Ari Gold-as-CEO-of-TIme-Warner levels of money), the Entourage movie is finally happening, tweeting the following:

The bro-drama-comedy, or bromady (thank me later, Hollywood genre creators) is set to begin filming in January 2014. When we last left Vinnie, Johnny Drama, Eric, Turtle and Ari at the conclusion of the pretty ordinary eighth and final season in 2011, (SPOILERS AHEAD THAT ARE SO ANCIENT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEM ALREADY) E was chasing Sloan to New York and Vince was heading to Paris with the rest of the gang to marry a women he’d known for about twenty minutes.

Entourage: The Movie has been on the cards for a while, with Mark Walhberg, who serves as executive producer and upon whom the series was loosely based, discussing film ideas as far back as 2010. Whatever plot they go with, Ari Gold’s sweary rants on the big screen will be nothing but awesome.

Via Rolling Stone. Lead image via Twitter.