Sasha Grey Does Entourage

Sasha Grey is a porn star actress…sorry that’s just a terrible choice of words. Sasha Grey is a porn star turned actress who we nervously interviewed last year and whose foray into legitimate film has included The Girlfriend Experience a feature-length drama directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Now, according to Movie Line Grey will “appear on the upcoming seventh season of Entourage as Vince’s girlfriend in an extended arc that’s partially based on the relationship Charlie Sheen had with porn star Ginger Lynn in the ’90s. Grey might even stick around for the eighth and final season. Says creator Doug Ellin: “I think they’re going to have a very interesting relationship.”

Wonder how many times Johnny Drama will utter the phrase “Baby bro, do you think any of her porn star friends would do me?”. Like a billion? So yeah, it was questionable before but now it’s undeniable. Entourage, you have been charged with chauvinism in the first degree…