Join Me In Exploring The Sheer Chaos That Is Drew Barrymore’s New Talk Show

drew barrymore show

Drew Barrymore has done many things in her career, from ET to Charlie’s Angels, but nothin quite compares to her performance in her new talk show The Drew Barrymore Show.

To be completely honest here, this show truly feels like somebody on SNL decided to mock Busy Philipps’ talk show. It just doesn’t feel like real life. It simply can’t be. I don’t believe it.

Now, no hate to Drew (or Busy Philipps, because Busy Tonight was an absolute masterpiece). The Drew Barrymore show is definitely an entertaining watch, especially when you’re *maybe* a little bit high. But the real question is: how the absolute fuck did this show actually end up getting made?

I imagine somebody in the CBS board room was like “imagine we just give Drew Barrymore a bunch of acid and let her play talk show host for the day.” Honestly, it sounds like an idea I’d pitch to my boss, but it’s a mess, and somebody should’ve said no.

It’s such a hot mess that the SNL parody skit could honestly pass off as the real deal.

Okay, so that was the SNL parody, but now watch some clips of the actual show, and tell me it doesn’t feel like somebody sprinkled a bunch of acid into your cereal this morning.

This is literally my reaction to every clip I’ve seen from this cursed show.

Sure, you could call it ~relatable~, but if you genuinely relate to this, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you’re batshit crazy.

Here, take a gander at Drew Barrymore showing you how to use a landline phone.

I highly doubt this show will last much longer than a season or two, but despite all of its madness, it’s actually pretty enjoyable. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t become my guilty pleasure show.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go binge watch Drew Barrymore being *checks notes* Drew Barrymore for the rest of the afternoon.

It’s absolute chaos, but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Fuck the rules, give everyone a cursed talk show. And yes, by “everyone”, I mean me. Give me a talk show.