‘The Block’ Finale Drew More Viewers Than One Of Its Auctions Did Dollars

A lot of people love The Block. Legit, a lot of people love that show.

Last night the long-running Channel Nine series aired its finale, in which five of the six renovated luxury apartments inside the reborn Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda were auctioned off to the highest bidder, with perennial whinging lunatics Hayden & Sara somehow walking away with the highest profit margin for their renovation despite styling the place like a coke dealer’s Sims mansion.

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Like every year before it, The Block finale provided ratings numbers of eye-watering magnitude for Channel Nine.

Despite being down on last year’s numbers, the Block finale delivered Nine an average combined regional and metro audience of a whopping 2.802 million viewers.

That number alone is more than the final price tag that the apartment Courtney & Hans renovated sold for, which went for $2.77 million.

As in, more people watch The Block finale last night than one of the auctions fetched dollars. Which is some staggering shit, really.

The show’s finale reached a 5-city metro peak audience of just over 2 million viewers, easily eclipsing all other programming and handing Nine a landslide ratings victory over the other networks for the night.

Hayden & Sara’s apartment, which again we stress looks like someone designed it at gunpoint while stuck in a tumble dryer, fetched an final sale price of $3.02 million, $545,000 above their reserve price; a profit margin that earned them an additional $100,000 as the overall show winner.

South Australians Kerrie & Spence earned the second-highest profit margin of $415,000, off a final sale price of $2.85 million.

Courtney & Hans, whose street-fronting apartment sold to the Gatwick’s original owners, netted $410,000 in profit after their renovated abode sold for $2.77 million.

Despite constant speculation throughout the series, the site’s two penthouse apartments suffered the most come auction time, with Bianca & Carla‘s flat netting them $301,000 profit from a final sale price of $2.69 million (nice), and fan favourites Norm & Jess walking away with the comparatively small sum of $209,000 after their incredible rooftop flat struggled to attract bidders, netting $2.859 million overall.

Ahh well. That’s the way the hammer falls, I guess.