The Internet Has Spoken: Ella Is An Absolute Queen & Felix Needs To Be Sprayed With The Fkn Hose

Felix Von Hofe on The Bachelors sipping champagne in a pool with other girls and bachelors and a tweet on screen which reads: Image Felix going back to his day job after doing that creepy ass lick thing on national TV

The second episode of The Bachelors Australia is done and dusted and by Jove, did Felix Von Hofe piss off the internet (and me, your loyal reaction-based Bachie correspondent) with his foul, horny little ways.

ICYMI, the root rat played tonsil tennis with Tilly (try saying that five times fast, bloody hell) in front of the 29 other lovely ladies at the cocktail party — some of whom are interested in him. Mans was going the whole hog with some cuddles under a blanket. Good sir, it’s only episode two! Calm down!

Everyone was repulsed, nay disgusted, at the sheer disrespect and audacity from Felix. One woman named Ella was so done she left the show — a move folks on Twitter commended her for. Honestly, good on her for setting her boundaries so early and doing what was best for her. Queen shit right there.

Despite literally being the sole reason a girl — whom you gave a rose to and were allegedly interested in — packed up and left, Felix basically told everyone that if he reckons someone’s hot, he’s going to mack them. And if anyone doesn’t like it, it’s not his circus, nor his monkeys.

Disgusting! Vile! The world wide web was begging for merely an ounce of self-awareness, not to mention respect.

Felix vowed to turn himself in to horny jail at the pool party but, obviously, this did not happen because he is king of the root rats. The man could not give less of a fuck about any woman’s feelings.

He also didn’t give a hoot about us, the sweet viewers who are sacrificing our brain cells by watching his revolting actions, because he did the most dogshit thing with his tongue when The Bachelors’ producers asked him if he’d control himself at the pool party.

I don’t know about anyone else but the only way I’ll recover from seeing it is by lobotomising myself.

He then proceeded to flex his tongue again (stop, for the love of God I am begging you to put that foul muscle away for five fucking seconds) by macking Naomi in the pool.

For context, the necking happened about ten minutes after Felix told the other gals he’d invited on the group date how bad he felt about smooching Tilly in front of them all.

Yes, the internet had thoughts and feelings about this, why do you ask?

I am literally crying, screaming and throwing up just thinking about what this man will do next.

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