Terrifying ‘Carrie’ Prank Makes People Believe In Telekinesis

You know what’s worse than a furious teenage girl prone to Vader-choking you when you fuck up her day? Prankvertising. It’s just like the hidden camera shows of the early to mid 2000’s except this time they’re trying to sell us things. In this case, all the tickets to Carrie starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore which features, apparently, scenes similar to the ones captured in this video.

Definitely a cool idea but one that makes us think that the next time something unexplainable or supernatural happens in the world everyone will be all like ‘meh’ and playing it cool and looking for the cameras instead of running for their lives because a bearded Viking ghost is about to cut their head off and drink wine from it. When that happens just send all associated funeral bills to prankvertising.