OMG: Apparently Taylor Swift Begged To Be In Twilight: New Moon But The Director Said No

Taylor Swift in Twilight

In news that feels peak-2009, Taylor Swift was actually a massive Twihard and tried to make a cameo in Twilight: New Moon — but the director gave her a hard “no”. Ouch.

New Moon director Chris Weitz opened up about his decision to reject her and said he’s “kicking himself” over it.

“Taylor Swift was a huge Twi-hard, and Taylor Swift and I had the same agent at the time and he said, ‘Taylor would like to be in this movie – not because of you, but she’s a Twi-hard,” Weitz told “The Twilight Effect” podcast hosted by Ashley Greene (AKA Alice Cullen!) and Melanie Howe.

According to Weitz, Taylor was desperate to be in the movie and was begging for literally any role, even “someone at the cafeteria, or the diner or whatever”.

“She just [wanted] to be in this movie,” he said.

Weitz, however, decided against it. He was thought she was too famous to just randomly pop up in the background, and he was worried it would split the audience’s attention from the movie’s other cast.

“The hardest thing for me was to be like, the moment that Taylor Swift walks onto the screen, for about five minutes, nobody is going to be able to process anything,” he said.

“I kick myself for it too, because – I was like, wow, I could’ve been hanging out with Taylor Swift. She must have been like, ‘Who is this jerk?’ But sometimes you make decisions thinking this is for the best of the film.”

Honestly… Taylor Swift and Twilight together… it would have been too powerful anyway.

But I do wonder — why didn’t she try to get on the soundtrack? Her song “Safe and Sound” for The Hunger Games soundtrack was iconic and fit the movies perfectly. I fully believe she would have absolutely slayed Twilight‘s already incredible soundtrack.

But alas, we can now only wistfully dream of what could have been.