Shady Queen Taylor Swift Is Out There Chucking Likes On Posts About That Kanye Video

Taylor Swift

If anyone can distract us from the news cycle in these troubled times, it’s Taylor Swift – her impact truly knows no bounds, and for that, we are endlessly thankful. Earlier today, the internet was, dare we say it, broken by the release of a video which claimed to be her full 2016 phone conversation with Kanye West. Long story short, it now seems that she was telling the truth about that infamous call the whole time, while Kim and Kanye told some porky pies.

Taylor Swift has not yet publicly commented on the video or its veracity, but you’d better believe she has made her feelings known. Per reports in E! News, the singer has been on Tumblr today, chucking ‘likes’ on posts about her vindication. Fans have noticed at least two of these, one on a post captioned “Taylor told the truth mood board”, and another reading “how I sleep at night knowing we were right all this time and now we have the receipts to prove it.” There you go.

Taylor’s friend Todrick Hall has been a bit more vocal, taking to Twitter to say:

“All you haters crawling back into your little shady holes to hibernate & wait for her to slip up again, no need to apologize for trying to cancel her. Just know you were wrong. Think before you throw daggers at an innocent HUMAN target.”

Kanye has yet to comment.