Taron Egerton Got All Bleary-Eyed During ‘Rocketman’ 4-Min Standing Ovation

The global premiere for Rocketman happened overnight at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, and Taron Egerton has maintained his image of ‘perfect angel man’ as he tied Sir Elton John‘s shoelace on the red carpet, performed a duet of the film’s title song with Sir Elton at the film’s gala party, and openly wept after the film ended.

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But before we get into that, cast your eyes over this perfect pic of Taron just being a total gentleman to Sir Elton on the red carpet.

ARGH MY HEART. (Image: Getty / Mike Marsland)

Indiewire reports that as the film ended and the audience stood to give Sir Elton, Taron, Richard MaddenBryce Dallas Howard, and other Rocketman cast members a standing ovation that lasted for four minutes (!!!), both Taron and Elton were spotted wiping tears from their eyes as they gave their thanks.

Look at him getting his hanky out to wipe away the tears and look somewhat camera ready! A precious angel who should be protected at all costs.

And would you just bloody LOOK at Taron and Elton smashing out ‘Rocketman‘ together. It’s straight up cleared my skin and washed my hair, it’s so pure.


After the film’s premiere, first-thought reviews began trickling onto Twitter, and many were impressed by how Rocketman was able to balance telling the story of Elton’s early years, as well as keeping a fantastical air of his flamboyant and joyous music, and making history as the first major studio film to depict sex between two men.


Rocketman hits Aussie screens on May 30, with a cheeky advanced screening at select cinemas on May 29, and lucky for us, Taron’s headed over our way with director Dexter Fletcher to host the official premiere on May 25 in Sydney.