Talk Show Host Bill Maher Rants About “F*****g Australians” Taking Over U.S.

On a recent episode of his HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher, the comedian took aim at “fucking Australians”, lamenting that the are “taking over this country while we blithely do nothing.”
Maher ranted about how Aussies are stealing jobs from America’s bartenders and surfing instructors, bringing drugs into the country, and putting actors out of work thanks to their convincing U.S. accents.  
“We used to think oceans could protect us because oceans were full of sharks and sharks eat a lot of Australians, but now sharks are endangered – there just aren’t enough of them anymore, and there are too many Hemsworths.” 
Maher then proposed building a ‘great barrier reef’ to keep Australians out, before pivoting from all the anti-Aussie sentiment to take aim at his real target, Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Enjoy: