Cop This Star-Filled Trailer For A Film About A 29-Year-Long IRL Game Of Tag

Anyone who loves a good out-there yarn will no doubt remember the story from a few years back about a group of mates playing a decades-long game of tag.

The seriously good and wholly bananas Wall Street Journal yarn detailed the story of ten friends originally from the US state of Washington who have been mercilessly slapping each other in a game of tag that’s lasted some 29 years now.

The game, as the story goes, is only live during the month of February, meaning for 28 days per year (29 on hellish leap years), meaning one month of the year is pure chaos, involving cross-country travel conducted purely to pass on the tag of “It”, and with literally every scenario in play. Including, unbelievably, weddings and funerals.

Unsurprisingly, a story that good immediately pricked the ears of Hollywood, and thus we are now staring down the barrel of a riotous-looking film adaptation starring just about every funny person available in the film industry.

Tag has finally copped a debut trailer, and it’s one that shows off its star-studded cast, which includes Jeremy RennerJon HammEd HelmsJake JohnsonHannibal BurressIsla FisherRashida Jones, and Leslie Bibb, among many others.

That’s a bloody delightful-looking romp if ever we’ve seen it. A big ole’ get me about winter comedy that’ll fire up a cold night. Colour us keen.

And if you’re keen to give the original yarn a squizz – which you should be, because it’s good – you can get at it via this fancy link right here.

Tag is due to hit cinemas from June 15th.