Sydney’s Festival Of Dangerous Ideas

We’ve a slight scheduling dilemma this weekend. The Gods of inconvenience have ordained that Parklife and Sydney’s Festival Of Dangerous Ideas occur on the exact same weekend. Fortunately this conflict should irk no one as the crossover between Festival Of Dangerous Ideas and Parklife attendees is smaller than the skirts on display at the latter. Think about it, how many people idolize Busy P and Germaine Greer? Munters with a social conscience? Feminist Ed Banger fans? People with an interest in French House and The House of Commons? We’ll just let The Female Eunuch (Feadz Remix) exist in our stupidest fantasies and choose one.

For those who don’t know, Festival Of Dangerous Ideas takes place at the Sydney Opera House this October long weekend and plays host to more than 50 speakers and performers, multiple free events, debates, panel discussions and more.

The Festival’s Opening Address is by international journalist Christopher Hitchens, in conversation with Tony Jones on the topic ‘Religion Poisons Everything’. Taking an opposing stance on Sunday is Catholic Archbishop Cardinal George Pell, who argues ‘Without God We Are Nothing’ and Keysar Trad who argues that ‘Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia’.

We have Susan Greenfield discussing the implications of Online Networking on developing brains; an international panel debating the merits of Democracy; Aboriginal activist Gary Foley arguing that ‘The Aboriginal Genocide will be complete’; Germaine Greer questioning whether people really want Freedom; Julian Savulescu supporting genetic enhancement and much much more.