Survivor: Blood Vs Water Stars Have Lifted The Lid On A Wild Filming Trick In A Sneaky Interview

Several Survivor: Blood vs Water contestants have divulged a surprising behind-the-scenes filming trick used by the long-running series.

The sneaky stars chatted to the Herald Sun about one of the elements of filming that shocked them.

One contestant who wished to remain anonymous shared that they were surprised to learn that they didn’t have to walk from location to location on the show, but rather they were ferried by bus.

By BUS, you say? That’s not roughing it!!!

But get this: while en route, they must remain silent and aren’t allowed to chat amongst each other.

“I was surprised how long we sat around in the bus,” they said.

“We weren’t allowed to talk at all, just sit and wait.”

A Survivor insider weighed in on this point in the report, sharing that vans are used for “logistic reasons” to safely transport the contestants to remote locations.

Meanwhile contestant Samantha Gash said the vans didn’t detract from the “very real” experience of living in the wild.

“What I can say is the experience of the play is very, very real,” Gash told the publication.

“Yes, of course, we need to get to and from challenges, but it is all about, as a player, how you choose to use that time.

“Any downtime I am like, ‘OK, I am going to rest.’ In any downtime let your mind rest, let your body rest and have a little bit of a nanna nap.

“So it is a component of the game, but it is a very real experience for the players.”

The report added that the use of buses between scenes is not exclusive to Australian Survivor as apparently the US series does this as well. So there ya go!

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