The ‘Suits’ Costume Department Is Dressing All Its Stars For The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is upon us, fellow plebeians.

“meghan r u excited to finally touch the royal red bepis?”

It’s happening on May 19th, and as the day creeps closer, more and more details that would otherwise be boring as batshit if they weren’t royal are bubbling to the surface. (They chose an organic lemon and elderflower buttercream cake over a fruit concoction?! Well I never!)

The latest yummy lil’ tidbit comes courtesy of Meghan Markle‘s ‘Suits‘ co-stars, who are supposedly so nervy about what tf they’re gonna wear that they’re getting the show’s costume department to whip them up outfits.

A source told The Express that the ‘Murican actors were struggling with what “dress uniform, morning coat or lounge suit” meant. Honestly, same.

“Two outfits are required for the May festivities, with the men asked to wear a morning suit, which, a few invitees have learned, isn’t particularly easy to secure stateside,” the source revealed.

This same insider said the majority of Markle’s former co-stars would be attending the festivities.

“All the main cast members are going I think and a few of the crew. There’s a real hustle and bustle of excitement on the set of the show in Toronto with people getting their outfits made.”

You can’t really blame them for being concerned about what they’re wearing. They should be worried. This isn’t a Rooty Hill High Year 12 formal. This is a moment in history. Heck, people still talk about the sartorial missteps of guests at Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 2011 nuptials.

(WPA Pool/Getty Images) i don’t care what they say i loved it beatrice issa look

Godspeed and good luck, we say.