Tell Us About The Strongest Woman In Your Life For A Chance To Win $1K Worth Of Goodies

Let’s not kid ourselves; we’re all suckers for a solid action flick, and what a great time for the genre. Long gone are the days of the B-movie where you’d have the most unremarkable, borderline creepy man be heralded as a hero for all women to pine over. We’ve been blessed with an influx of films showing off strong, independent women in the lead, providing a much-needed fresh perspective to the genre, and letting a whole new audience dive in and see themselves in those characters.

If you’re looking for a series with more badass women in tense, gripping action scenes, you need to have your eye on Special Ops: Lioness.

WIN: Tell Us About The Strongest Woman In Your Life For A Chance To Win $1K Worth Of Goodies

The series is directed by Taylor Sheridan, who brought us Yellowstone and is now available exclusively on Paramount+. The cast stars most financially successful actress Zoë Saldaña and includes Academy Award-winning heavyweights Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman, and introduces Laysla De Oliveira.

To help celebrate the release of the show, we’re holding a neat lil giveaway where you can win up to $1k worth of goodies which includes a $500 Class Pass voucher, a $250 Visa Card, a $250 Nike voucher and a 1-year subscription to Paramount+. To enter, all you have to do is quickly tell us about the strongest woman in your life.

Special Ops: Lioness follows Joe (played by Zoë Saldaña), a badass marine who is in charge of the Lioness Program. This undercover unit is dedicated to befriending the wives, girlfriends and daughters of terrorist targets. The Lionesses hope the women will help them gather enough intel to take down their terrorist husbands.

Across all of Taylor Sheridan’s shows, strong women have been the stand-out characters in them. Whether it’s Beth from Yellowstone ruthlessly defending her family, Emily Blunt in Sicario carrying the moral centre of the film, or recently Helen Mirren popping caps in people’s asses in 1923.

You can start streaming Special Ops: Lioness exclusively on Paramount+ now, with new episodes releasing every week.

Best of luck to you all in winning the big prize!

Image: Special Ops: Lioness