Welp, ‘Stranger Things’ S3 Has Officially Been Pushed Back To Mid-2019

For those of you who were hanging around hoping beyond hope that you’d get a little lick of some new Stranger Things before the current calendar runs out, you’re all shit out of luck.

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Netflix bosses have confirmed we won’t be seeing any new episodes of the hit spooky series until the middle of next year at the very earliest, with the release of Stranger Things season three officially pushed back until sometime during the 2019 US summer.

Cindy Holland, who is the Vice President of Original Programming at Netflix, confirmed season three has been pushed back to allow the show’s head honcho Duffer Brothers more time to ensure the series ends up being as good as it possibly can be.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association summer press tour overnight, Holland asserted that the delay will allow the Duffers (lol) the time required to match and exceed the already lofty expectations fans have for the show’s third season.

It’s a handcrafted show. They understand the stakes are high and they want to deliver something bigger and better than last year.

I think it’s going to be an incredible season and worth the wait.

The wait between season two and three will now far exceed the wait between season one and two. While fans waited some 15 months for season two to arrive, they’ll now have to wait at least 18 for season three.

The good news there, though, is that we’re already 9 months into that wait. So theoretically, folks? We’re half way there.

Until then, obsessively replay the tiny season three teaser the show released a few weeks ago until its so burned into your brain you can see it when you close your eyes.

Stranger Things season three is now set to arrive at some point after late June 2019.