WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ S1 Has Copped A Super Cute Arcade-Style Recap

Look, it’s ok. Sometimes you just don’t have time to get on board with a new TV series or whatever. That goes doubly so now the Netflix model of dropping the whole thing on one day is the norm. You’ve got a lot of stuff on, after all. You’ll get to it eventually, just not right now; not at the same time as everyone else apparently is.

But then days turn into weeks which turn into months and then suddenly you find yourself a year or so further down the track and like… it’s too late to start now, y’know? What’s the point? There’s no one to giddily talk about it with and you’re only gonna cop lip for being extremely late to the party.

Suddenly, though, the next season is right on your doorstep. And you’re definitely gonna get involved this time around because the trailers look dope, even though you don’t have much context for what’s going on.

Sure, you *could* secretly cram the previous season in secret like a goddamned coward. Or you could catch these cliff notes of Stranger Things first series presented through the fun and breezy lens of period-appropriate arcade games instead.

You might not possess an intimate working knowledge of what actually happened, but either way it’s a fun little watch.

Now all that’s left really is for Netflix to release an alternate version of Stranger Things season two done completely in 16-bit graphics, finally confirming my long-held suspicion that the Upside Down is just a secret hidden level of Alien Storm.

Season Two of Stranger Things is due to hit Netflix this Halloween.