Sterling Archer Took Conan O’Brien To The Danger Zone

Alright, this straight-up rules. The magnificently hilarious Archer has just started airing its sixth season, moving back to more usual proceedings following season five’s trip down the white brick road with the Archer Vice side storyline.

As with usual TV productions, the show is in full promotion mode trying to get eyes on screens. But Archer is not, and never has been, a usual TV production. So their promotion methods have been going a little bit outside the box.
The problem with an animated show is that the usual route of promotion tends to include in-person appearances on the US late night talk show circuit. Whilst sending along the physical humans that voice the characters is all well and good, it still presents as something of a disconnect. Not that we don’t want to see H. Jon Benjamin ramble about things, because the man rules.
But Archer, being the inventive sons-of-guns that they are, found a very novel way around it by bringing the late night talk show into their world, rather than the other way around.
World class superspy Sterling Archer dropped in on Conan O’Brien for an appearance that quickly went from routine chat show talk to life-and-death battle with Russian Gangsters. Because that’s exactly how Archer rolls, damn it.

I’m hard pressed to find any more words to editorialise this other than just asserting that goddamn this is hilarious. That little glint of bloodlust that appears in animated Conan’s eye is killing me.