Spoof Site Abuses Sanctity Of ‘Breaking Bad’, Convinces Internet S6 Is Nigh

You know that blissful feeling when first hearing rumours of something you so desperately want to be true – like the immediate disbanding of One Direction, say – only to have it ripped out from under you in one fell swoop? 
Maybe it’s not true at all, or maybe it’s just a bastardisation of reports Zayn Malik has defected. Either way, you’re left pining for what *could* have been. 
Now times that by 1,000,000 and you’ll get the sense of just how fucked-off people are at having the possibility of BREAKING BAD SEASON 6 – THE RETURN OF WALTER WHITE – pulled away from them.
Fake news site NBC.com.co – sneakily similar to the *actual* NBC news domain – overnight published a story filled with callous lies about director Vince Gilligan‘s apparent confirmation of the hit show’s return. 
It even contained relatively believable quotes from an “exclusive interview” between Gills and NBC News, in which he confirms season 6 of the drug-riddled adventures of Jesse Pinkman / Walter White would begin filming in December:
“Walter White is not dead, and neither is Breaking Bad,” said the 47-year-old writer, director, and executive producer of the groundbreaking show.

“We’ve kept it under wraps for months, now the cat’s out of the bag. Season 6 is coming, and it’s going to be epic and true to the fans that have followed the show so incessantly.”

Gilligan explained his decision to continue with the popular series.

“I just couldn’t walk away from it. This isn’t a cash-grab or a sophomoric attempt to bastardize what was such a beautiful ending to season 5. I’ve invested so much of myself in these characters that I’d always had an inkling I’d return to it, even outside [the] Better Call Saul [spinoff]. The kicker was I’d need a spark, something that made it make sense for these stories to continue.”

We know some of you will be right up on that high horse, smugly insisting you totally would have picked up on the fact it couldn’t possible be a legit announcement, but fact of the matter is that heaps of people on the interweb fell for it. 

It seems like all the shows that I did not want to end are all coming back! Some dreams come true! Yayyyyyy!

Posted by Michael Bishop on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What the shit? Seriously? Gotta admit, Breaking Bad was absolutely amazing. Curious to see where they go from here.

Posted by Jacek Leja on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Even an ACTUAL NBC employee was conned.

*furiously deletes tweet*

The satire site’s article is, as of right now, still the top Google news result under ‘Breaking Bad’.
Google’s algorithm bumps up the most popular content, which this sick joke of an article is because it’s simultaneously delighting / confusing / devastating the interweb, but is always supposed to label satire as such. Clearly, this one snuck by. 
Yo, fake NBC: go fuck yourself. Bitch.
Image via AMC.