Spod Releases Hilarious Fantasyze Video

What happens when you combine exercise with fantasy? Hobbit Thai-Bo? Yoda Yoga maybe? No, according to SPOD the absolute authority on all things rad and Sydney’s premiere party starter the answer lies in the little known art of Fantasyzing.

Confused? We’ll let the man himself explain the unlikely synergy between Fantasy and Exercise and his convoluted seven step plan to increase your babeatude and your music collection. This is so crazy it just might work…

1: It’s not me, it’s WE who will be getting fit!!!
2: Every week i’m going to tailor make a work out tape that will be custom made to the rhythm of your running schedule!!! Slow jams for walking, party jams for running!!
3: Word! You get fit AND get a new Spod record! Every week!!!
4: The guys n gals will be wowsering at your babeatude.
5: I’ll be blogging about my progress after every run! WOW….
6: Hopefully by Week 9 we’ll all be addicted to running and super fit and will enjoy being alive and everything!!!

If you’re still confused the below video won’t clear up a thing. It will however make you laugh and to be honest that’s a far more rewarding outcome than trying to understand stuff.

Last but not least, Spod will be launching his fantasyzewithspod.blogspot.com blog on Monday, you should probably bookmark it now.