When you’ve been in the game long enough, you shake off the need to be earnest and endearing, and just have a shitload of fun with it. I assume that’s exactly the brief that The Presets gave to music video wizard SPOD when producing the clip for the Presets’ latest single, ‘Martini’.

The Sydney duo is premiering the clip right here, right now on PEDESTRIAN.TV, and much like the classic cocktail itself, the video is a shaken and also stirred take on the song, throwing up the kind of lyrics you’d be singing after a couple of solid ‘tinis. They’re not 100% right but sing ’em with enough gusto and confidence and you can fake it till you make it, baby. Much like these guys who 100% thought the song was called “My Tinnie”.

A chaotic series of clip-art style lyrics (often deeply misheard and thus misspelt) mixed with the general energy surrounding The Presets’ live gig at Melbourne‘s Forum Theatre earlier this year, and a full supercut of every time Julian Hamilton touches his moulded earplug, ‘Martini’ leans into the energetic vibe that The Presets are known to curate.

The song itself, as Julian describes, is about a woman he knew long ago who carried an energy powerful enough to blow your socks off if it hit you right – much like yep, you guessed it, a martini.

Martini was a dancer I used to know. She was everything I wasn’t – cool, clear, strong, and with a razor sharp edge I found impossible to resist. In the end, she left me completely undone; a crumbled wreck of a man. “But was it worth it?” I hear you ask…every second.

Each time we perform this song I think of her, so it made sense that Martini’s accompanying video is a film of us playing the song live, directed by our new favourite director and our new favourite person in the entire world SPOD.

If you’ve gotten around a Presets gig on their latest sold-out Aussie run of the HI-VIZ Tour or managed to catch them at Splendour In The Grass, you’ll know what you’re in for. Everyone else, well just sit down and let the ‘tini knock your block off.

Check out the vid below, and if you’re in the US or Canada, get along to one of their upcoming shows in September and October.

Image: Supplied