Please Enjoy This Footage Of A Robot Spider-Man Absolutely Eating Shit At Disneyland

spider-man robot fail disneyland

Is there anything funnier than a robot absolutely fucking up the one thing it’s programmed to do? No, there is not. Watching a man-made creation fuck around and find out like it’s actually a human is quite possibly one of the highest tiers of comedy. Which is why this video of a Spider-Man robot totally eating shit is probably the best 20 second video I’ve seen all year.

The spidey superhero is part of the elaborate display at Avengers Campus at Disneyland in California. In the show he’s seen swinging from a cable web high above the crowd and I think you can imagine where I’m going with this.

Just watch it and then watch it again because it’s so fucking funny.

Can’t believe he didn’t stick the landing on that one.

What makes this video even more spooky is the fact that a visual effects artist literally created the exact same accident back in January. Alain Bui used VFX graphics to make it look like Spider-Man absolutely ate shit at the Disneyland months ago and now it’s actually happened.

Bui posted both videos side by side and questioned whether he manifested this eerily accurate animatronic accident almost exactly six months before it actually happened in real life.

What is going on! Is this some kind of very specific glitch in the matrix? Has this man somehow subconsciously seen the future or something and decided to create a video that pretty much nails it shot for shot? Is this some kind of deep, elaborate ruse that’s actually marketing for Disneyland?

Whatever is going on here, I simply cannot stop watching that dumbass robot fully yeeting into the vented wall of a building. I love it deeply, whether it’s some kind of promo ploy or not. I don’t care. It’s given me a deep thrumming of joy that has briefly cleared my annual Melbourne Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Someone send this to that Kook Slams Instagram stat.