You might remember the excellent tale from 2017 about the robot cop in California which inspired feelings of such deep rage in some drunk guy that he elected to beat the everliving shit out of it.

I salute him for his courage in taking the challenges of automation head on.

Several months later, it looked like the same brand of robot faced another challenge: the crippling, suffocating burden of intelligence.

According to a photo posted to Twitter, a Knightscope brand security robot, upon being granted the gift of artificial intelligence, chose to use it to promptly kill itself.

Look. You might tell me in the comments that this was just a malfunction in its pathfinding algorithm, or whatever system it uses to identify hazards, but I do not want to hear it. This robot was given the choice between life and not-life, and faced with the unbearable reality of existence, it chose the latter.

Another photo from user Gr33nCloud420 (lol) showed the delicate rescue operation.

Security Robot Given The Gift Of Intelligence Chooses To Drown Itself
Twitter is having fun with this:

Good night, sweet prince.