Space Jam 2’s New Trailer Gives A Big Peek At The Reboot & Sufferin’ Succotash This Looks Good

space jam 2 new trailer

A second trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy has dropped and it’s a bit less of a manic fever dream than the first one, but we’re still adamant that this film looks good as hell.

This new look at the incoming reboot of the iconic 90s film has a bunch of new things we didn’t get to see in that first drop, either – like LeBron James entering the Looney Tunes realm as an actual cartoon character.

We’ve previously banged on about the graphics in the first look at the film, but this second trailer really ups the ante, with the Tune Squad gang going 3D but on the flip side, we get to see LeBron go full Looney Tunes 2D as well.

Hell yes I am SO about this.

We also get to see a bit more of the story as well, with a good look at who exactly the Goon Squad (Don Cheadle‘s baddie basketball team) is made up of. There’s no names yet but I’ve spied a bird man, some dude that’s entirely flames, a half-snake-half-woman, a man that’s made of water, and a red and black spider woman hybrid.

This time around, the Tune Squad also includes what looks to be Gossamer, who made a cameo in the OG Space Jam, but this time gets to pull on the jersey for the team.

space jam new legacy trailer
I see you, ya big red fluffy bastard.

There was also a lot of chatter around cameos and features from the extended Warner Bros. universe for Space Jam 2, and the new trailer finally gives us a glimpse of how that’s gonna shake out.

If you pause the new Space Jam trailer during the on-court clashes between the Tune Squad and the Goon Squad, you can spy a whole host of characters in the crowd. Like King Kong bumping fists with the Iron Giant, a huge Dino from The Flinstones, a very camp Batman and Robin, Jabberjaw (a shark from the 70s), and what looks like The Mask standing courtside.

Space Jam: A New Legacy slams into cinemas on July 15, which is nearly not soon enough thanks.