Drafting The Looney Tunes I’d Want On My Space Jam Team From What’s Up Doc To That’s All Folks!

space jam

I was usually picked last whenever my mates and I played basketball at school. Which is fair, because I’ll gladly be the first to admit that playing sports isn’t exactly my thing.

But when it was my turn to pick teams? I was Phil Jackson of lunchtime sport (coincidentally, it’s comments like that which explain why I was always picked last).

Speaking of basketball, Space Jam: A New Legacy is just around the corner. This new flick will see the Looney Tunes teaming up with LeBron James to face off against the super-powered, NBA all-star mash-ups, the Goon Squad.

There are a lot of Looney Tunes characters out there, all of which can bring a pretty unique set of skills to the game.

So here’s the big question: if you had to draft the starting lineup for the Tune Squad, who would you pick and why?

Daffy Duck

On paper, Daffy Duck might seem like a bad choice. He’s a bit of a wildcard and a bit selfish – both factors that don’t really make for a good team member.

But, if I had to compare Daffy to a real-life player, I’d say he’s like Dennis Rodman. He’ll do all kinds of screwball stuff while off the court, but when it’s game time, he knows how to bring his A-game to help his team.

Road Runner

space jam

Road Runner is probably the best choice for playing point guard. Need someone to get the ball up the court so you can start an offensive play? Here’s an incredibly fast bird, who, if the cartoons have taught me anything, is pretty much untouchable.

Meep meep, my dudes.

Lola Bunny

Every good basketball team needs a strong centre player, and for the Tune Squad that’s Lola Bunny.

She’s a no-nonsense player who’s not going to let something like a robot, giant spider-lady or a dude who is somehow made of both fire and water trip her up.

Bugs Bunny

Was there any doubt that Bugs Bunny wouldn’t get a prime spot on this team? Every team needs a good captain to make sure every player is running like a well-oiled machine.

Bugs is quick-witted and tricky, you just know he’s got plays for days. Plus, he’s a rabbit, so you just know his jump shot is untouchable. Like LeBron, Bugs would make a good small forward.


Every team needs a good secret weapon. A player you can bust out to rack up some points while the chips are down. That’s Granny.

A sweet, little old lady who looks like her favourite leisure activity is something along the lines of competitive crocheting? You couldn’t be more wrong, buddy.

Tasmanian Devil

space jam

Taz would be pretty good on offence – he’s quick, wild and not afraid to throw a few elbows when the ref isn’t looking

I wouldn’t put Taz on the starting lineup, but he’s probably the best pick for the sixth man. He’s someone you can sub on and off in a pinch, who can hopefully help turn the game around and get some points on the board –before he’s fouled for eating the ball or charging everyone.

Come on and slam when Space Jam: A New Legacy lands in cinemas on July 15.