Someone Found A New Way To Beat ‘Breath Of The Wild’s Worst Shrine

Breath Of The Wild is a dead-set masterpiece and a strong contender for game of the year. The newest entry in the much-loved Legend Of Zelda series features a beautiful open world with no end of secret corners to explore and side quests to complete, and it would almost be perfect … if it wasn’t for those goddamn motion controls. 
As part of his journey across Hyrule, Link can visit 120 shrines, each of which is it own mini-dungeon, requiring him to solve a physics-based puzzle, or defeat an enemy in combat. One or two of these shrines, however, feature motion control challenges, in which the player must tilt the controller a certain way to roll a ball into a hole, resulting in hair-pulling, controller-throwing levels of angst. 
The Myam Agana Apparaus, in which the player must navigate a ball through a tilting maze, is by far the most notorious of these, and since the game came out, players have been finding ways to cheat it. One popular method involves tilting the controller upside down so the ball rolls on the flat, bottom section of the maze instead, but YouTuber Adrylek recently hit upon a more spectacular solution. 
This method involves attaching a balloon to a bomb, suspending it in midair, shield-surfing over to it via another bomb, then letting the ensuing explosion push Link into the central part of the shrine, skipping the puzzle entirely. Frankly, this way looks almost as complicated as the actual solution, but it yet again goes to show that Breath Of The Wild will reward players who get creative with its physics. Watch and learn:
Photo: Nintendo.
Source: YouTube.