Does Snoop Dogg Believe This Doctored Sesh Selfie With Kurt Cobain Actually Happened?

Snoop Dogg, international lord of the sesh, is a renowned weed smoker and has gotten blazed with the best of ’em from Willie Nelson to Martha Stewart.

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He’s indulged in so many celebrity smoking sessions, in fact, that he’s forgotten who he has and hasn’t lit up with.

The rapper took to his Instagram (which is a delightfully cooked experience in and of itself) to share a doctored photo that he seemingly believed to be real alongside the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain.

“Young dogg with Kurt 92,” Snoop captioned the pic.

The photo was originally posted by Instagram user _vemix_, who is known for photoshopping celebrities together in pictures.

The Insta account later reshared Snoop’s post, in a state of disbelief that they were able to fool him into believing that the pic was legit.

“When you make Snoop think he smoked with Kurt in 92,” the unintentional pranksters captioned the image.

As the photo started gaining traction around the world, the t-shirt designers decided to take advantage of the situation by crafting a t-shirt using the viral image and take my fkn money.

“Keep an eye out for this one on Snoops IG,” they captioned the pic.

Snoop has yet to recognise that the image is fake and ya know what? He probably never will.

But it’s not totally beyond the realms of possibility that Kurt and Snoop once got on the sesh together before his untimely passing in 1994.

And when / if it did happen, I’m sure both blokes would’ve looked just as chuffed as they did in the glorious but forged image.

Long live.